Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 Chronicles 14


Prairie Chick said...

What stood out to me from this chapter was how many times the word peace was used in conjunction with doing the will of the Lord.

"there was peace in the country for ten years during Asa's time." v 1

so the kingdom had peace v 5

during the time of peace v6

because God gave him peace v6

He has given us peace all around v7

Joyfully His said...

My footnotes in my Bible said that times of peace are not just for resting but that they allow us to prepare for times of trouble. That is so true... peace & rest are a blessing, but I must remember that when everything is going great I need to spend more time in the word, more time praying & more time examining my life for things that need to be removed. Asa did that... he did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, got rid of things that are detestable to Him & prepared himself & those around him for the hard times. That is a great message to me right now. :-)

Prairie Chick said...

great exhortation Leanne... I was really struck by how in the time of peace Asa was not apathetic and cushy but was proactive, he "commanded the people to follow the Lord and to obey His teachings and commands." v4

I fight tooth and nail to never grow apathetic and cushy for the sake of the next generation.