Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2 Samuel 8

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Prairie Chick said...

Can you imagine laying there while that rope was being measured off??? Seriously! And crippling all but a hundred of those magnificent horses? Do you know what this chapter got me thinking? I mean I'm sitting here horrified at David's behavior, right? I mean does he have to be SO violent? So merciless? And yet God is giving him victory on every side and BLESSING his battles. Suddenly I got one of those mental jolts. These are God's enemies we are talking about. These armies are representative of all that stands in contrast to God, His sovreignty and HIS rule. They can be representative of SIN.

If I look at it in that light, my prior train of thought is rather disturbing. Take it easy, come on, show a little mercy... can't you let them live? Am I to have mercy on the things in my life that oppose God and His sovereign will for me? Am I to go easy on them and let them "live"?

Wow. This is what kind of violence and passion I need to have against the sin in my life. Crippling it, killing it, completely disarming and destroying it. And then, like David "The Lord will give me victory everywhere I go." v6