Monday, March 15, 2010

Numbers 6


Prairie Chick said...

I just thought of Samson the whole time I was reading this. He had come up in a poetry selection we read in school this week so he has been on my heart. How this man wrestled and struggled with his calling! How he pulled and stretched and literally broke all the rules to the point of being wildly rebellious.

First no alcohol. In discussing this with my daughter earlier this week we were both under the strong impression that Samson probably wasn't THAT deep of a sleeper to not realize his hair was being woven into a loom and whatnot... it would seem to fit that he was most likely drunk. While the text doesn't confirm this, it does confirm rebellion to other Nazirite laws.

Not going near a dead body. Samson ate honey out of the carcass of a dead lion... he married a pagan... he seemed to live continuously in an absolute state of rebellion. It just makes my heart so sad to look at someone with such great potential, to waste their energy caught up in the world, and not livign in spiritual victory.

How different Samson's story could have been. What a GREAT hero he could have been if he had learned to harness his hedonism (this word has been coming up in sunday school, it's just so fitting!) and offer himself to God as a living sacrifice!

May I learn to lay myself on the altar, and serve obediently and submissively for His glory.

The priests blessing is a favorite in this home. My girls write it out in almost every card they give to someone, it started one day when I was having a sorrowful moment, and in tears, and my The Poppet had read these verses earlier that week in her devotions so she went to find the passage, wrote it out in a card for me and brought it to me. Talk about a cheer up!!! :)

Jude said...

Hmmm--I am humbled by your thoughts on Samson Prairie Chick 'cause I just couldn't get past the details! Thanks for the connection with Samson. It lends some more meaning to this for me.

I love the blesing too. It is probably one of the first pieces of scripture I ever memorized as it was part of a song that I loved...and who can resist the image of God blessing and keeping you...his face shining upon you (oh, how I do not deserve this but relish it!)...God's graciousness and his unending PEACE (this is what makes me able to breathe deeply each day....I will never forget when I first experienced it.) Praise God!

Mac an Rothaich said...

This chapter definitely brought Samson and John the baptist to mind. Such a string idea, of being separated and consecrated to the Lord...

Went to a study with my three year old a couple weeks back where they where encouraging parents to bless their children regularly and they quoted the blessing at the end of this chapter. I am not a big memorize of scripture but I have memorized this because my little girl liked it so much she asks me to say it with her each night. I particularly love the verse following the blessing, the idea of putting the name of the Lord on the people... I can think of NO OTHER name I want to see written on my children's lives then the name of my God, JESUS CHRIST@

Mac an Rothaich said...

How different would Samson's story had been! So true Prairie Chick... he was still blessed by the Lord for his separation or calling on his life but how much more could it had been without his rebellious spirit... Aren't we all supposed to live as consecrated to the Lord? I hope I will leave my rebellious spirit behind so the Lord can do so much more with me!