Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2 Kings 2


Prairie Chick said...

today I was struck by my devotional notes that spoke about the Holy Spirit.

"Elijah requested a double portion of the Holy Spirit that rested upon Elijah...

If I were to ask you describe your heavenly Father, you'd give me a response. If I were to ask you to to tell me what Jesus did for you, you'd have an answer. But if I were to ask about he role of the Holy Spirit in your life...? Eyes would duck. Throats would be cleared. And it would soon be obvious that of the three persons of teh Godhead, the Holy Spirit is the one we understand the least.

Perhaps the most common mistake made regarding the Spirit is perceiving Him as a power but not as a person. , a force with no ientity. Such is not true. the Holy Spirit is a person.

The world cannot accept HIM, because it does not see HIM or know HIM. But you know HIM beause HE lives with you and will be in you. (John 14:17).

The Holy Spirit is not an "it". He is a person. He has knowledge (1 Cor 2:11), a will (1 Cor 12:11), a mind (Rom 8:27), affections (Rom 15:30. YOu can lie to him (Acts 5:3-4), insult him (Heb 10:29), grieve him (Eph 4:30)

The HOly Spirit is not an impersonal force. He is not Popeye's spinach or the surfer's wave. He is God within you to help you." Max Lucado, A Gentle Thunder.

It went on quite a bit more and the more I read the more I felt this dawning love for THIS person. Not just for Jesus, or for God my Father, but for this person of the trinity that I *haven't* really viewed as a person. Really, the more I thought about it the more I realized how endearing the person of the Holy Spirit really is to me. It is because of His work and words and interactions with me that I think so many of the things I do and STRUGGLE with so many of the things I do.

YOu know that rush of love you sometimes get when you think of your heavenly father, or Jesus and what He has done for us? This morning I had that rush of love for the Spirit and his work in my life. It is so warm and wonderful to know that we are not alone. That we have a helper, an encourager, a challenger, a truthful and faithful comrade walking in step with us each step of the way. No, not by our side, for He is within.

Denise said...

God granted Elisha's request because Elisha's motives were pure. His main goal was not to be better or more powerful than Elijah but to accomplish more for God. If our motives are pure, we don't have to be afraid to ask great things from God. When we ask God for great power or ability, we need to examine our desires and get rid of any selfishness we find. To have the Holy Spirit's help, we must be willing to ask.

Jude said...

Am learning a lot through all of you....thanks!

I was struck by the spectacular miracles of this age in which Elijah and Elisha lived. I was trying to think of another time outside of Jesus' ministry in which there were so many performed. There were many in Moses time but there was a slightly different feel to those as they were always answrs to the prayers and petitions of Moses as he led the people whereas Elijah and Elisha just seemed to travel the country blessing people through God...different but similar to Jesus. I can see why the people thought that perhaps Jesus was the return of Elijah.

Mac an Rothaich said...

Jude, what a fabulous point about the people assuming Jesus was the return of Elijah.

Mac an Rothaich said...

A very impressive chapter in regards to understanding more about the Holy Spirit. Prairie Chick, enjoyed reading your comment full of sweetness toward the Holy Spirit. I grew up calling him 'The Holy Ghost', just how I was raised... anyhow... Probably due to how my birth into the family of God took place I have always felt very close to the Holy Spirit, as a person, and have often been confused at others ability to disconnect him as a person, yet call him a part of the trinity and yet not really include him in anything but the mention of the trinity. He is intimately involved in our lives and I am thankful for him daily.

Just think of how important spirits are. We don't run without them, out bodies can't get anywhere without them... so I always think of the Holy Spirit as very very important in my life and important in my ability to live, with the previous idea in mind.

I am really enjoying going through the books of the kings!

Prairie Chick said...

I just loved your testimony about the Holy Spirit, Becky. Such a beautiful testimony of a cherished relationship with this this third person of the trinity. I feel like my eyes have been opened to something they have been blind to before. I am viewing the HS more like I view Jesus (as a person, with an identity, not vague and fuzzy) and I don't understand why I never have before. I guess for lack of instruction, or for a subtle conditioning that comes from others not having had clear vision of the HS in their own lives?