Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nehemiah 6


Prairie Chick said...

the polemics of this chapter are just... icky. But Nehemiah didn't succumb to any of it, and kept his head by turning to God. What an example!

Jude said...

Polemics--nice word PC! Had to get out the dictionary for that one.

Amazing how the games of the political arena have changed so little in the last couple of thousand years. It is part of why the bible is so timeless...the hearts of men and women--their weaknesses, wants, desires-- have not really changed much. Go Nehemiah! I think I will start to pray for God inspired Nehemiahs in the political arenas of home and the world. :)

Mac an Rothaich said...

Wow, really felt appreciation for how God protects even our reputation and definitely can protect us from deception as is the example in this chapter. The part about the prophetic trying to trick him into sinning really made my gut feel yucky... oh so low people will go for money and power and loose their souls to gain what? It all turns to dust... Nehemiah held on to his God given vision and his reputation and thus his relationship with Christ! Very cool!