Sunday, April 25, 2010

3 John

A bit from my study Bible about 3 John:
"Itinerant teachers sent out by John were rejected in one of the churches in the province of Asia by a dictatorial leader, Diotrephes, who even excommunicated members who showed hospitality to John's messengers. John wrote this letter to commend Gaius for supporting the teachers and , indirectly, to warn Diotrephes. "

This is a frightening prospect...the rejection of teachers who are speaking the truth. It is incentive to know the Bible and the heart of God as shown in His word so that we can discern false teachers from those who speak the truth. We are so fortunate to have the word in our own language and available to us without fear of prosecution for having possession of it.


Prairie Chick said...

Intro to 3 John;

Gaus had a special place in John's heart. John is writing to thank him for his hospitality. Word was out that Gaius kept his door open and pantry stocked for traveling missionaries, and John is wrting to commend him.

HIs words are not so kind, however, for Diotrephes. Apparently, he was the opposite of Gaius. Where Gaius was accepting, Diotrephes was judgmental. Where Gaius was a servant, Diotrephes was demanding.

Are you more like Gaius or Diorephes? Or better, do you love people or love the limelight? If John were writing a note to you, what would he say?"

Max Lucado

This is good timing for me. I grew up under a yoke of legalism and pharisaical hypocrisy and still wrestle with the twisted paradigm it formed in me. The desire for holiness can consume a person to the point where they turn to control and power and black and white dictatorship that binds a person and leads to false self righteousness and pride and judgementalism and lack of love. It is a scary thing, because the person thinks they are doing it out of love for God and love for purity.

It's a frightening and powerful net of subtle misunderstanding that leads far from the kind of attitude God desires from His children. I battle each year to break free more and more from that kind of thinking and to learn what it means to be free in Christ, to love without limits and to always be gentle and humble with others.

It doesn't mean compromise, it means wisdom and grace in living out truth with love.

Mac an Rothaich said...

Politics don't take long to take root and cause problems in the Church. Amazed that there was a man being so harsh to his fellow believers and to John but it is more then possible... Too bad, I love, however that John is all about love even so.