Saturday, April 3, 2010

Zephaniah 1


Prairie Chick said...


"Rain can be depressing- contstant dripping, wet clothes, mud, gray skies, and distant thunder. AFter many days of rain, we listen intently for positive clues in weather reports and search the skies for a sunny break in the clouds. We look for signs of change.

God's spokesman Zephaniah, had nothing but doom adn gloom to tell the people of Judah. Most of his prophecies, adn thus most of this book (two and on-half chapters to be exact) tell of God's terrible juegment upon the nations, including Judah herself. His words, liek the steady pounding of rain, continued to beat the depressing truth that God was not happy with the way people had flaunted his laws and worshiped idols and he would punish their sin, wiping out entire nations.

The constant negative, and truthful message would be enough to depress even the most positive optimist.

Suddenly a ray of hope broke through the clouds. Check out the last eleven verses of the book. God says: "At that time I will gather you; at that time I will bring you back home. I will give you honor and praise from people everywhere when I make things go well again for you, as you will see with your own eyes." 3:20

Hear God's Word thorugh his faithful prhophet, surely he will judge sin. But there is hope, deliverance adn salvation for those who trust in Him. The storm is over, take a walk in the sun!"

Max Lucado Devotional Bible

Prairie Chick said...

"The Lord has prepared a sacrifice; he has made holy his invited guests." v7b

That just gave me a shiver up my spine. In the midst of all of this warning and judgment and wrath foretold, we have this gem of grace tucked away. This prophecy of Christ, and this promise for those who will clothe themselves in His robes of righteousness. Then they will not be dressed in "foreign clothes" that verse 8 refers to, but will be wearing the family crest of the Lord Most High.


Jude said...

I am reading from The Message (missing my other translation though).
v 12 & 13 approx "I'll find and punish those who are sitting out, fat and lazy, amusing themselves and taking it easy, Who think,"God doesn't so anything, good or bad. He isn't involved, so neither are we."
This was me in my years of wandering in the wilderness. I knew him but could not see him. It strikes a cord for me. Sometimes I fear being off course with God when I intend to be on His course. Lord, we need your wisdom so much each day and each year.

Jude said...

Happy Easter! I am a day on this so am celebrating a risen Savior! Hallelujah!