Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1 Chronicles 4

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Prairie Chick said...

The prayer of Jabez. "Please do good things for me and give me more land. Stay with me, and don't let anyone hurt me. Then I won't have any pain." And God did what Jabez had asked.

I struggle with this prayer. It really sounds so self centred and shallow. In small group we are going through the life of Paul and wow. I mean, Paul's life and requests are so different from this. There is the philosophical teaching out there that the harder the Christian is hit, with struggles and pain, loss of worldly affections, the deeper we are driven into Christ. Not that I would pray for bad things to happen to me, and not that I don't pray and thank God for his protection and blessing... just something always seems lacking in this prayer to me. And yet God did what he asked. But God did what Hezekiah asked too (when he didn't want to die) and then later things all started to unravel. I guess I just want to be in God's plan for me, whatever that looks like, whatever will drive me closer to HIm and cause me to pursue more Christlikeness in my life.