Friday, November 26, 2010

Ezekiel 32

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Prairie Chick said...

So the theme here for me seems to be no matter how "great" your material and earthly feats, in the end, if you are not on God's side, your name is mud.

"They were mighty, but now they lie in death with those killed in war, with those who are unclean, with those who have gone down to the place of the dead." v30

Reminds me of something i read about Charlemagne. Something about him being entombed in all of his finery in some grand sepulchre, surrounded by riches, sitting on a throne, wearing a crown, but when the emperor of Germany opened his tomb up many years later, they found a bible on his lap with a bony skeletal finger pointing to the verse "for what does it profit a man to gain the entire world and forfeit his soul?" The germans ransacked Charlemagnes tomb and used the relics found there to inaugurate their takeover of Charlemagne's kingdom. Sobering stuff.

So how then should we live? With our eyes fixed on eternity and our hearts set on the things that matter to God.