Saturday, November 27, 2010

Matthew 24

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Prairie Chick said...

"There will be more and more evil in the world, so most people will stop showing their love for each other." v12

So sad. So true.

"I tell you the truth, all these things will happen while the people of this time are still living." v34

I never understand this verse. When the prophecy reaches to the second coming of Christ, how this sentence fits. I need to do some indepth study on this verse.

verses 36-51 always used to confuse me as well, when we see prior to this him talking about how his chosen people will be able to see the signs, and prepare themselves for his coming and redemption, and then from verse 36 on seems to be completely the opposite. That there will be no warning, no signs, people will just be going their merry way and boom... he'll come.

I have studied up on that, and believe that for the most part the first part of the chapter up till verse 35 is referring to God's plan for Israel, (I love studying that!) and the subsequent verses are speaking directly to the church age and to the rapture of the church.

I do even believe that it will be the remnant of Israel that will actually fulfill the evangelisation to the ends of the earth that is spoken of in verse 14. The 144,000 from the tribes of Israel that we see in Revelation to be precise. Thrilling stuff.

I think that the disciples didn't have a very clear vision at all of what was to come in the future and maybe that is why that verse about "all this will take place during the time of this generation" is confusing. Maybe Jesus was referring to everything regarding the upcoming persecution and destruction of Jerusalem that was to come in 60 ad, but they understood it to include all the other stuff too, I don't know. I do love this kind of stuff though, where it is not dealing with just history, but also with our future.