Sunday, November 28, 2010

Romans 3

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Prairie Chick said...

"God trusted the Jews with His teachings." verse 2

This is huge, and builds on what I was sharing in the last chapter. God trusted the Jews with an insight that we, who are grafted in, can never have unless we receive it from what we learn and know of God's dealings with Israel. We are not Jewish, we do not have Jewish custom, and therefore the truths that were given, that are built on and revealed with a Jewish bent, lose so much of their depth and dimension when we are oblivious to the culture and teachings of the Jews. And He is not finished with Israel and we are called to pray for the salvation of Israel. They have the power and the calling to fulfill a part in God's plan that we can not. The end of this chapter holds the key to the transformation of Israel, their salvation and future hope. They must learn to live by faith and not by the law.