Sunday, January 30, 2011

Romans 12


Berry Girl said...

"Be of the same mind toward one another; do not be haughty in mind, but associate with the lowly. Do not be wise in your own estimation." v16

urgh. That last sentence was like a 2x4 across the top of my head. Definitely a stumbling stone for me.

Prairie Chick said...

this has been a big one for me too in the past year. Prairie Guy said a few really insightful things to me about a year ago (he doesn't say much but when he does, holy, it really makes an impact on me) about what makes a man really admirable in his eyes, or makes a woman truly beautiful, is when they acknowledge and embrace the lowly. He had commented how one young woman in church really stood out to him (he didn't even know who she was, but it was Nikki's sister in law) because she always made a point of stopping to TRULY visit with and show interest in the menno home guys. Since then I have made a point to not merely smile at them as I pass them coming into service but to stop and say good morning and shake their hands and ask them how they are. They are always so tickled pink and I am fully convicted of all the times I passed them by. I want to be more concerned about embracing the misfits (for lack of a better word) than hanging out with the "cool crowd"