Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mark 8


Berry Girl said...

I always wonder why, after the first miracle with the loaves and fish, the disciples didn't think to themselves "hey, maybe He'll do that again" when they were in the same situation later. Why, after just barely witnessing Jesus perform that miracle, do they sit around and moan about how they don't have enough food for everyone or enough money to buy food for everyone.
I mean, He's healing people, and people see this and expect Him to heal them too. So why don't the disciples just immediately expect Jesus to provide food again like He did before?

Berry Girl said...

now I'm wondering what things I do that are like that? Does God do things for me, provide things for me in circumstances, and when I'm in those situations again do I expect Him to provide like He did before, or do I wring my hands and wonder how it's going to ever work out?

Going to have to think about that a bit.

Lois said...

“You do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.” This seems to be a very effective tactic of Satan's. From what I have been learning lately, Peter's response could have come partly because they were expecting an earthly kingdom, and what Jesus was saying didn't fall in line with that thought.

Could the passage also speak to us,though, when we get so easily caught up in our needs and having ease and comfort in our daily lives? The next verses sure give us good reasons to look at things from God's perspective.

I found some notes in my Quest Bible that are interesting: Peter scolded Jesus, thinking he knew better than Christ what was good for him and the others. When Jesus called Peter Satan, he was identifying the source of Peter's false assumptions.

Prairie Chick said...

What I found interesting about this chapter is that the pharisees didn't see the miracle right under their noses, I mean they saw it, but they couldn't have had faith or they wouldn't have been asking for a miracle on demand in verses 11-13 and then on the other hand, you have the disciples in the boat, completely misreading Jesus warning, without any inclination to apply Jesus' words in a spiritually edifying way, but only focused on the physical externals (yeast is in bread, so what is he telling us about bread) doh. Moral of the story for me? Sometimes we are really dense at missing the forest for the trees.