Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1 Chronicles 22


Chris said...

I love that this father takes his son aside to instruct him in very direct and particular ways. Sometimes I feel like parenting is to be vague so that kids will be able to make decisions on their own, but that is not modeled here. David thoughtfully collected materials and assembled people to assist Solomon in achieving David's own desire of building a temple for God. He respectfully receives the consequences of his sin, but rather than saying "If I can't do it, nobody will", he passes on the vision to his son, knowing that this fame will not belong to David.

Glad to hear you found strength and courage in the Word yesterday, Denise- we pray that will continue!

Denise said...

Thanks Chris!!

“God told David he would not be the one to build the Temple. Instead, the task would be left to his son Solomon. David graciously accepted this no from God. He was not jealous of the fact that his son would have the honor of building God’s Temple but instead made preparations for Solomon to carry out his task. Similarly, we should take steps to prepare the way for our children to find and fulfill God’s purpose. Sooner or later our children will have to make their own decision, but we can help by supplying them with the proper tools: showing them how to pray and study God’s Word, the difference between right and wrong, and the importance of church involvement.

David made it a point to explain to Solomon exactly why he would be charged with the privilege of building the Temple. His instructions to Solomon, including God’s reasons for using David in a limited way, must have been memorable moments for Solomon. The conversations we have with our children deserve our attention, honesty, and vision. Times when we tell our children what we pray God will accomplish in their lives can be some of the best gifts we give them.”

Prairie Chick said...

"But you will have a son, a man of peace and rest. I will give him rest from all his enemies around him... and I will give Israel peace and quiet while he is king." v9

I love this. David was a dragon slayer... and he was doing what he did in obedience to God, some people are warriors who spend their life en gard, sword in hand facing the giants. But Solomon was a man of peace and rest. He brought glory to God through a gentle wisdom that he imparted with the masses. I have had to spend a large portion of my life with sword in hand fighting demons of the past. I pray that God would bless my children with lives of peace and rest, secure in Him, wise with His wisdom.

Prairie Chick said...

great comments, girls! such a word for us all this morning!

Elisa said...

"Look to the Lord your God with all your heart and soul." v19

look to the Lord your God all the time. He will help you. Look to Him with all your heart and soul when you need help, and even when you don't think you need help.

Shailey said...

"'I wanted to build a temple to honor the name of the LORD my God,'David told Solomon."but the LORD said to me,'You have killed many people in the great battles you have fought.And since you have shed much blood before me,you will not be the one to build a temple to honor my name.''"v 7-8

It is interesting that God didn't want David to build the temple,but God didn't want someone who killed many people to build the temple.