Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Job 29


Prairie Chick said...

what a man!

"People listened to me carefully and waited quietly for my advice. After I finished speaking, they spoke no more. My words fell very gently on their ears. They waited for me as they would for rain and drank in my words like spring rain. I smiled at them when they doubted, and my approval was important to them. "

This is so inspiring. To seek to be the kind of person whose words are as apples of gold in silver frames, such a one that bring wisdom and strength and courage and inspiration to their fellowman.

Shailey said...

"'I served as eyes for the blind and feet for the lame.I was a father to the poor and made sure that even strangers received a far trial.'"v 15-16

We should all be kind to the poor and help the blind and the lame.

Elisa said...

That's because I saved poor people who cried out for help. I saved helpless children whose fathers had died. vs-12

We should all help the poor and the helpless, we should help everyone, we should even be kind to our enemies.