Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ecclesiastes 12


Berry Girl said...

well that was kind of depressing. I did though find it interesting the metaphors he uses - my Bible notes say that "the grinding ones" are the teeth, "those who look through windows" refers to the dimming of the eyes, "the almond tree blossoms" refers to the whitening of the hair (as the almond tree has white blossoms).

"But beyond this, my son, be warned: the writing of many books is endless..." (v12)
What I thought of when I read this was how a person will write one book (take "Prayer of Jabez") which may or may not have something good to say, but then morph it into a ton of books (Prayer of Jabez for Kids, Prayer of Jabez for Moms, Prayer of Jabez for Teens, etc etc) at which point it loses whatever meaning it might have had.
At least, in my opinion :) Not that I'm promoting OR slamming Prayer of Jabez. Just an example.

Prairie Chick said...

grrr.. I hate losing my comments to black holes.

What your notes say about the verses, my bible has right in the text, funny.

The verses you quoted about the writing of many books and too much study wearying a body have been very applicable in my life. That verse paired with "He has shown you, oh man, what is good and what the Lord requires of you..." have saved my bacon numerous times.

Being the kind of person who could lose myself (seriously lose my mind) examining theology and doctrinal interpretations, God used these verses to show me that what He wants from me is my heart. My love for Him in thought and deed, and not to be obsessed with knowledge so much as with living out the simple truths.

Elisa said...

Remember the One who created you. Remember Him while you are still young. Think about Him before your times of trouble come. The years will come when you will say, "I don't find any pleasure in them." vs-1

Take pleasure in your years while you are still young so that when you grow old you cannot say "I don't find any pleasure in them" but you can look back on happy memories and not sad ones. So take pleasure in your years while you are young.

Shailey said...

"Here is my final conclusion:Fear God and obey his commands,for this is the duty of every person.God will judge us for everything we do,including every secret thing,whether good or bad."v 13-14

Sometimes I don't really realize how great God is,but after all he knows all our thoughts and feelings.We should really 'Fear the LORD'just as it says to do in the verse.

Joan said...

"remember Him before your hair turns white". Oh dear!!

vs. 1 says that life without God produces unpleasant things in old age. We need to put God first - NOW - whatever age we are, receive everything good as a gift from God and realize that God will judge everything we do whether good or evil.

What motivation to live for HIM!!

Prairie Chick said...

>>What motivation to live for HIM!!<<