Tuesday, April 19, 2011

1 Chronicles 24


Prairie Chick said...

Bit of a dry chapter. When I come up empty I look to the devotional notes in the margin of my bible.

"In service to God, everyone's job remains important. Each person's part honors God.

When we compare the present day churches to the original blueprint it is strikingly apparent that many deviations have been permitted which have been been detrimental to the life of the church. Through the centuries the church gradually turned away from the simple provisions which made it such a powerful and compelling force in its early years, and there came in terrible distortions from which we are suffering greatly today.

The popular thinking fastened upon the building as the identifying symbol and emphasis was put upon imposing structures and massive cathedrals. In the beginning, "working in the church" meant to exercise a gift or perform a ministry among Christian people wherever they were, but gradually it came to mean spending hours working within a building. Along with this came the gradual transfer of responsibility from the people to what was termed the "clergy", which is a term derived from the Latin clericus meaning a priest. The scriptural concept that every believer is a priest before God was gradually lost and a special body of super-Christians emerged who were looked to for practically everything and so came to be termed "the ministry".

When the ministry was thus left to the professionals there was nothing left for the people to do other than come to church and listen. They were told it was their responsibility to bring the world into the church building to hear the pastor preach the gospel.

Soon Christianity became nothing but a spectator sport, very much akin to the definition of football- 22 men down on the field desperately in need of rest, and 20 thousand in the grandstands, desperately in need of exercise!

This unbiblical distortion has placed pastors under an unbearable burden. They have proved completely unequal to the task of evangelizing the world, counseling the distressed and brokenhearted, ministering to the poor and needy, relieving the oppressed and afflicted, expounding the Scriptures, and challenging the entrenched forces of evil in an increasingly darkened world. They were never meant to do it.

Nothing is more desperately needed that to return to the dynamic of the early church.

Again it is the entire body of believers who must attempt the work of the ministry, equipped and guided by gifted men who are able to expound and apply the scriptures with such wisdom that even the least believer discovers and begins to exercise the gift or gifts the Holy Spirit has given him. The whole body then stirs with resurrection power. Boldness and power again become the trademarks of the church." From "Body Life" by Ray C. Stedman

I like the football analogy.

Shailey said...

It is cool how each person had their own job in the temple,even though there were many people they each had a job of their own.I guess that there is never too many people to help God,we should all find away to serve God even if we don't work in a church and even if we aren't missionaries we can still serve God.

Elisa said...

I can not find much to write about in this chapter. But there were lots of people doing lots of jobs.

Prairie Chick said...

wow. maybe when I come up dry I should look to my daughter. From the mouths of babes... I love to see how the Holy Spirit is speaking to my kids!