Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Job 31


Shailey said...

Wow.I think it would be very hard to be like Job.Even though Job did only good,fed the hungry,clothed the naked and so on he became hungry and no one fed him,he wore rags and no one clothed him but he still loved God.I would get really frustrated if I were Job,not that Job wasn't frustrated,if I were kind to the naked and fed the hungry and when I became hungry no one fed me.

Prairie Chick said...

"and I would come near to Him like a prince." v37

How incredibly beautiful is this. He outlines a life of devotion, discipline and service in this chapter, and at the end states that he would be able to come before the Lord without shame. It reminds me of Paul's sentence about "boasting" that we discussed in Sunday School. Not being proud in one's accomplishments, but not being ashamed of the way one has lived. We can fritter our life away, or we can live it with purpose. What we choose will decide how we will approach the throne at the end of our earthly existence. Will we be confident that we strived to live a life approved? Yes, we boast in nothing but Christ, but if we don't tap into the glory that He is, if we don't let that glory spill over and out from us, I do believe we will be ashamed. I want to live like Job, confident that I was doing what I was told, that I was seeking to live for the kingdom and invest in things that last in eternity.