Sunday, April 24, 2011

1 Corinthians 8


Prairie Chick said...

I find the teachings on conscience remarkable. I mean, you would think that sin would be sin, and something that isn't sin, wouldn't be sin, even if you *thought* it was. But that is not what the bible teaches. Here and in Romans 14:14 it seems to be clearly saying that if someone's conscience accuses the person of wrongdoing, that thing is wrongdoing for them, even if it's not wrongdoing across the board. It's like what is wrong for me might not be wrong for you. This is huge! Not to say there are not absolute wrongs, of course there are, but it also means that due to my personality and state of mind/heart/condition, some things might be wrong for me that aren't wrong for others, for my own good. This helps to understand why some people never touch alcohol, or why I can't watch certain shows or read certain books. Because those things are damaging to the tender fibers of our own personal human condition and doing them would be harmful and damage or corrupt our tender personal fibers in some way. It does not make the thing SIN in itself. Good stuff.

Lois said...

"But knowledge puffs up while love builds up. 2 Those who think they know something do not yet know as they ought to know."
Never really noticed this verse before. Maybe I'm taking it out of context, but taken by itself, it just states a truth so well! We tend to be so proud when we think we know something..... which just proves we really don't know that much. How much we know is not at all important -- loving people is. Or is this not a good interpretation of these verses?

Prairie Chick said...

I think it is a very good interpretation, I completely concur. Knowledge without humility is not wisdom, it's stupidity.