Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1 Chronicles 27


Shailey said...

It is interesting how there are different troops for each month of the year,so,12 groups.There is something special about the number 12 in the Bible,there were 12 disciples and Joseph had 12 brothers and so on. Also the number 40,Jesus stayed in the desert for 40 days,when Noah was in the ark it rained for 40 days and nights.There must be some meaning behind those numbers.

Prairie Chick said...

"God became angry with Israel for counting the people." v24

what is my attitude when I am thriving and things are going well with me? Do I start to feel good about what *I* have accomplished or what *I* am doing? Or does it inspire a spirit of worship and praise and thankfulness to the author of my life who has graced my life with the strengths and blessings that He has? If it is the former, I am living under the mantle of pride and sin, if it is the second, I am in right relationship to God and rejoicing in what He has done for me will be a matter of God worship, not self worship.