Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Job 34


Prairie Chick said...

alrighty then... here I see the "problem" with Elihu. His view of God is essentially right but He is missing a piece of the puzzle, and missing pieces make for incomplete pictures. Too bad, because it causes him to judge Job unjustly. HOw often do I judge people unjustly because *I* am missing a piece of the picture? I don't know people's thoughts and motives, I don't know people's pain and passions. Therefore I am in no position to judge them or what God is doing in their life. What should my attitude be? It should be one that understands the COMPLETE picture of God's character and can gently and encouragingly remind another of His virtues and character. Period. It's all about Him. We get our knickers all in a knot looking around at each other and checking how others measure up or don't in our estimations, and God says, "Stop it!". You don't know anything about what that person has been through, or what I am doing in their life. Either be involved in showing them my eternal character and purposes or step off of the bus. There is no seat here for judgementalism.

Shailey said...

"If God were to take back his spirit and withdraw his breath,all life would cease,and humanity would turn again to dust."v 14-15

Without God we couldn't live,we couldn't live if nobody made us just like phones,lights and so on couldn't exist if nobody made them.If God withdraws his breath we wouldn't be able to survive just like if you break a light bulb it wouldn't work.