Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oct 10-17

Monday; Joshua 12
Tuesday: 2 Chronicles 19
Wednesday: Psalm 13
Thursday; Isaiah 17
Friday; Joel 3
Saturday; John 1
Sunday; Galatians 3


Prairie Chick said...

"The Israelites took control.... defeated." v1

What a night and morning I've had of it. lost it on my dd yesterday when she had a hormonal (read spoiled brat) attack. So ashamed of myself. And on thanksgiving no less. I feel that as she gets more and more out of control (emotionally) I am going to have to exercise more and more self control, and that seems so beyond me. But with God's help I can be a helpful and supportive parent, and claim this new "territory" of the teen years, with Him as our vanguard, hemming us in before and behind. He will see us through.

Prairie Chick said...

2 Chr 19:9-10 ""You must always serve the Lord completely, and you must fear him.10 Your people living in the cities will bring you cases about killing, about the teachings, commands, rules, or some other law. In all these cases you must warn the people not to sin against the Lord. If you don't, he will be angry with you and your people. But if you warn them, you won't be guilty."

Righteous judgment is not about civil rights in the sense of free/choice and the individual. Righteous judgment SHOULD be about God's moral law and what protects the rights of all of God's children.