Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17-October 23

Monday: Joshua 13
Tuesday: 2 Chronicles 21
Wednesday: Psalm 14
Thursday: Isaiah 18
Friday: Joel 4
Saturday: John 2
Sunday: Galatians 4


Prairie Chick said...

so after a sweet email from Lois and a nice little chat with Joan, just wanted you all to know that it's good to know you notice and care if and when I don't "show my face" over here.

When I know people are continuing to use the schedule and profiting from the site I am driven and disciplined to show up and share my own heart about what I have read. It doesn't take long of not hearing from a single soul though before I start to have my doubts if anyone is here at all, or if I am spending time "sharing" or just talking to myself :)

Lois and Joan were kind to ask whether I found it discouraging to not have others sharing. I'll be honest. I find it encouraging to know that women out there are soaking up God's word, really it has little to do with what they have read but just the fact that they are reading. They are steeping themselves in God's truth rather than just being slowly stagnated by the daily grind this world sucks us into.

Last week I was at the point again where I wondered if there is a point to my continuing this schedule, ONLY because I doubted whether anyone was "out there". I love doing it, it is a blessing and a joy when I know I am not alone, but I have to be honest, my life is pretty insane and sometimes I have to evaluate and prioritize (as do we all). In hindsight (and this has happened before) I feel that it is a spiritual attack that brings on these "doubts" and feelings of this maybe being one of the things that could "give". I think Satan would love that and the reason I think so is because everytime I have started to think maybe I should wrap this up, shortly thereafter I hear from at least one to three people that they are blessed by the plan and that they are or want to establish dilligence in this discipline of being in God's word daily and hearing from Him and responding to Him. I feel that these encounters have always been very clearly from God to show me that He wants me to keep this going.

So I do. And I will.

One thing I would like to ask, if you are reading this. I have heard from a few that sometimes they just don't think they have anything revelational to share, or don't know how to put into clear words what they would like to express, or whatever the individual case may be. I would love for people to not feel intimidated here but I know how it is, I mean, you're putting your personal thoughts out there on the WWW. (I can make this site private and by invitation only if anyone would like that).

I would love to see people feel free enough to just share a simple sentence or two. This verse encouraged me, or this one puzzled me, or this verse filled me with awe and wonder. If even that seems out of your comfort zone I would like to ask, that if you are following the plan, that you try to post a simple hello once a week or so and let me and others know you are one of us and we are not alone.

Count it all joy!


little M said...

I am here, I am here, I am here
I love moving around the bible like this.
Steeped in Gods' Sonshine today.

Sheila said...

Sorry, I'm one of those people who don't care to share my thoughts on the passages, but be assured I'm here - almost every day! And I love reading what others share. I think it's a great way to read through the Bible, which I have NEVER done!!! (Shame on me) I have a Life Application Bible, & the insights given there give such good clarification on the background, etc. & also encouragement how we can apply the verses. I love it! Love it! So, I'll try to let you know that I am also here, & enjoying. Thank you for doing this.

Annette said...

I'm also here. I enjoy coming every morning to read as well as hear what others have to say, and feel a part of community.

Prairie Chick said...

thanks for replying, ladies. I love knowing that we are all reading and learning and growing in Him. Be blessed.