Monday, October 1, 2012

Oct 1-7

Monday: Genesis 39
Tuesday: 1 Samuel 10
Wednesday: Psalm 64
Thursday: Jeremiah 2
Friday: Lamentations 1
Saturday: Matthew 4
Sunday Hebrews 8


Prairie Chick said...

I can not believe I have not posted all week, where on earth did the week go? I remember Monday and Tuesday I couldn't really formulate my thoughts to share, I wanted to mull it over, but then if I don't share first thing it just falls through the cracks of my day never to be retrieved. Then I missed one or two days, and here I am Friday! Thanks for the special lady who checked up on me via email, that warmed my heart. And actually, it was a combination of busyness and as you put it not really being "okay". Kind of felt in a doldrum slump this week, irritated with the world and quasi depressed by the status quo, not depressed yet, but fighting it for sure. so prayers appreciated. And I just need to pray more. Kind of afraid to read Lamentations to tell you the truth, when I am in this mental place.

This note kind of summed up my mental place;

"Our world is filled with injustice, poverty, war and rebellion against God, all of which should move us to tears and action."

I find it disturbing that while the world spins madly on we walk around all revved up about coffee and pumpkin spice muffins, home design and fashion, working out and what's for supper. It all just seems so shallow and meaningless to me right now.

Prairie Chick said...

I was struck by the three crucial areas Satan attempts to sidetrack, tempt and distract us;

physical needs & desires, possessions and power, and pride.

I am seeing this so clearly lately.