Monday, October 8, 2012

Oct 8-14

Monday: Genesis 40
Tuesday: 1 Samuel 11
Wednesday: Psalm 65
Thursday: Jeremiah 3
Friday: Lamentations 2
Saturday: Matthew 5
Sunday Hebrews 9


Prairie Chick said...

I liked this note about Joseph appearing before Pharaoh without any time to "prep" or have a plan;

"Our most important opportunities may come when we least expect them... Joseph was ready for almost anything because of his right relationship with God. It was not Joseph's knowledge of dreams that helped him interpret their meaning. It was his knowledge of God. Be ready for opportunities by staying close to God."

Love that.

I feel prayers on my behalf. they make a big difference. I am thankful!

Prairie Chick said...

>>When injustice or sin makes you angry, ask God how you can channel that anger to constructive ways to help bring about positive change.<<

YES. turning anger and frustration into a positive force, it takes supernatural power coupled with a lot of patient perserverance on our part!