Monday, January 14, 2013

Jan 14-21

Monday: Exodus 4
Tuesday: 1 Samuel 25
Wednesday: Psalm 79
Thursday: Jeremiah 17
Friday: Ezekiel 11
Saturday: Matthew 19
Sunday: 1 John 2


Prairie Chick said...

Exodus 4 "Moses reluctance and fear were caused by overanticipation." He was worried about how the people *might* respond to him. We often uild up events in our minds and then panic over what *might* go wrong."

This drew my attention. This is bondage. To live in bondage to every possible thought someone *might* think about you, judgement they *might* make against you, or ways that you *might* not live up to your own or others expectations. This is a very handicapped way to live.

Surrender. It is a wonderful word when used in context of surrender to God. You can surrender all those pointless "mights" and also the horrid habit of trying to micro manage every moment of your life to avoid any possible moment of vulnerability. Vulnerability, when embraced with grace and love, is a truly beautiful thing and nothing to fear. It has the gentle eyes of a beautiful golden retriever, who yes, might knock things over unwittingly with their tail... but who is so much more appealing and desirable than a porcupine.

Prairie Chick said...

Samuel 25

"Don't pay any attention to him, he is a fool."

This is so true. I was visiting with a friend last night and she was telling me about about something she had heard in a sermon about the wise, the foolish and the wicked. The wise can look, listen and respond to things objectively, examining what is shared either good or bad and comparing it to truth.

The foolish are not able to do this. They don't know how to be objective and they compare everything through the lens of their own feelings or "beliefs" (which are really deceptions) that are not grounded in truth but in aggrandizement of self.

And there are the wicked who are not only deceived in perception but consciously compare truth to evil, and choose evil.

I get the impression here that Abigail was basically saying to David "pay him no mind. He may be a fool but he is not evil". Fools can be pitied. Why are we even going to try to talk sense to a fool? When they can't see sense because that sense doesn't line up with their own feelings. Why waste your breath when someone is so narrow in their thinking that they truly believe they don't need to answer to anyone (to truth). There is no point, they have made themselves king and have set up their own rules for relationship and living. Wash your hands of them in that state (don't wish them evil and don't feel the need to put them in their place).

Fools live in castles of their own construction that appear to be built with bricks of pride and arrogance, really they are walls of insecurity and fear.

Sheila said...

That last sentence really helps me to see others differently. When I think about how some people appear, I can really see the fear & security they are covering up. Great thought! I don't comment often but know that I do follow your study program & enjoy the comments expressed here. Keep it up; know that your "ministry" encourages others, including me!!

Sheila said...

Sorry that should have read "the fear & insecurity".

Prairie Chick said...

wow. I said that? LOL! Whenever someone comments on something I have said I am always reminded that I am not alone and my rambling "thoughts" look a whole lot more like bold statements when shown up in black text on a white background! Yikes, kind of makes me nervous, LOL.

For the record, I'm sure you all know this, but I am just sifting and processing, not in any way trying to appear to have the answers! I just enjoy puzzling out the various elements of character and life lessons that have been passed down in scripture for our benefit.

Prairie Chick said...

I was struck by the parallel between those who trust in human strength and those who trust in the Lord. The first are like stunted underbrush in the desert, parched and never growing, the others are like trees planted by streams of water, flourishing. When we focus inward, we wither, when we focus upward, we flourish. What a joy to "look up" each morning, digest truth, and grow healthy and strong in the things of the spirit!