Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15-21

Monday: Exodus 17
tuesday: 2 Samuel 7
Wednesday: Psalm 92
Thursday: Jeremiah 30
Friday: Ezekiel 24
Saturday: Mark 4
Sunday: Revelation 7

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Prairie Chick said...

I hate computers sometimes. I typed out a pretty long check in about all that God has been doing in and around me the past week and a half and the screen suddenly just disappeared on me. As Denise has been climbing to new heights in the Himalayas, I have been climbing my own mountain in my spiritual journey. And not alone, as I prayed for allies in my journey, God provided them in miraculous ways that clearly stood out to each of us as Him the one with the map to freedom, Him the one handpicking the team, and lumping us together, it has been truly miraculous and beautiful how what seemed like coincidences were God incidents and I am thrilled at how God cares for us, reaches down and says "come, walk with me."

This morning the chapter was so depressing but one thing set my heart aflutter. When God said "write down todays date because today is the day."

On March 26th I had a similar impression to "write down the date", not just that but to record in writing my confession and plea for emotional/spiritual healing and my request for God to give me allies on this journey. Within weeks, within days of each other he was CLEARLY answering that prayer by putting me on the doorstep of, across the table from, receiving emails from the women he had selected to be my allies, and I never broached the subject with them, they broached it with me. I stand in awe of God's care and concern, love and compassion.