Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 8-15

Monday: Exodus 16
tuesday: 2 Samuel 6
Wednesday: Psalm 91
Thursday: Jeremiah 29
Friday: Ezekiel 23
Saturday: Mark 3
Sunday: Revelation 6


Prairie Chick said...

2 Samuel 6. I remember finding it so hard to reconcile the harshness of God striking Uzzah dead. It just seemed so severe for people who were trying to do something that seemed right and good. Only now do I see how wrong it is to think that we can use our own rulers to measure and decide what is right and good and what is really devotion to God. The bible tells us very clearly what God requires of us. Just like we can't achieve salvation through any other means than the shed blood of Jesus, we can't do anything "right" unless we are measuring it according to the "rightness" of scripture. Everything that they were doing here in regards to the ark was WRONG. They had zero honor for God's commands regarding the honor due the ark. How often do I do the same, try to come up with my own way of honoring God when what He requires of me is very clear. One way that I have been very convicted in this recently is in regards to the Lord's day. I know that we are not bound to laws, but I also know that the principles of the laws remain and that they are for our benefit, not for our restriction. As such, I feel very convicted to treat the Lord's day as holy and not treat it loosely as just another day that I can choose whether to go to church or do something else. I have 6 days of the week I can be choose to spend however I like. But the firstfruits of my week will be held sacred to him and corporate worship. Period.

Prairie Chick said...

Jer 29:7 and work for the prosperity and peace of the city where I sent you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it for its welfare will determine your welfare."

Wow. This verse packed a punch for me this morning. I am the kind of person to just get overwhelmed by the corruptness of society and feel like there is no turning the tide of corruption or evil represented by a secular society and I just pull back, turn off, and hole up in my own little paradise of belief.

Of course Satan doesn't really care if I do that, if I am just "avoiding" the issues, or segregating myself from them. Since Denise signed up for the Freedom Climb I have been coming to realize more and more what it means to defend justice and fight for it. To be activists for God reaching out to the oppressed and fighting against bad legislature in parliament. And of course, above all, fighting for God's will in the heavenlies.