Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1 Samuel 25


Prairie Chick said...

read this yesterday with the kids. what stuck with me was the remarkably high standard David had for being a man of integrity and letting God be God. I think it shows he really learned his lesson from the story shared in last week's chapter, where he was going to go and wreak his own vengeance on Nabal (I think that was the loser's name?) but then Abigail showed up and he was distracted from his anger long enough for God to step in and take care of things in His own way.

Now here in this chapter we see David having a whole new attitude. "No one can harm the Lord's appointed king and still be innocent! As surely as the Lord lives, the Lord himself will punish Saul. Maybe Saul will die naturally, or maybe he will go into battle and be killed. But may the Lord keep me from harming his appointed king!" vv9-11

Wow. That's awesome.


"The Lord rewards us for the things we do right and for our loyalty to Him." v23

Prairie Chick said...

huh. just realized this was chapter 26. oops