Monday, April 6, 2009

Exodus 24


Berry Girl said...

I have to digress from more "spiritual" comments to mention this - THAT must have been A LOT of blood, to sprinkle it on the people. and HALF of it went on the altar? ewww.

moving on.

I love how God allows the elders of Israel to "see" him, and doesn't kill them for it. My Bible comments on the limited description of God that is given, and speculates that maybe only a partial manifestation was given, OR that maybe in the presence of the Lord the elders didn't dare to lift their eyes beyond His feet.
I like the last idea, that they were humble enough and in enough awe that they respectfully did not raise their eyes. I have no idea if this is the case, but I like the image of it. It's how I would have hoped to respond - knowing how unworthy I was and showing to God the honor and respect due Him.

Prairie Chick said...

yeah, the "sprinkling" is one thing, in P-girl's version (which is what I read to them this morning) it said something like "Moses took the bowls and THREW the blood toward the people" or something like that. yeesh. That stopped us in our tracks.

8:30 this morning was LONG ago, but what I took away from this reading was how the people entered the covenant through being sprinkled (or doused... whatever the case) in sacrificial blood. Brought to mind Jesus remark "this is my blood of the new covenant" and how we also must be "doused" in blood in order to be able to approach God as Moses and those elders did.

Personally I get the impression from this passage that they DID see God, otherwise, if they hadn't looked up at him what would it mean following it up with "but God did not destroy them." They saw God, but God did not destroy Him. To me this is a picture of how the blood changes everything. It makes us holy. It changes our standing with God. Like everything else in the law, this passage points to Jesus and how his blood gives us the standing to be bold enough to come before God and not be destroyed. AWESOME.