Monday, March 29, 2010

Numbers 8


Jude said...

In my study bible, the process of setting apart the Levites is said to be similar to the process of ordination of Aaron and his sons into the priesthood. "The Levites are hlpers to the priests, and the language describing their consecration is somewhat different from that of the priests. The priests were made holy, the Levites clean; the priests were anointed and washed, the Levites sprinkled; the priests were given new garments, the Levites washed theirs; blood was applied to the priests, it was waved over the Levites. "

Denise said...

Interesting. (*deep, I know!)

Prairie Chick said...

I had to chew on that one most of yesterday as I really wasn't digesting it or knowing how to implement it in my own life.

I guess after all is said and done, what stuck with me was; "take the Levites away from the other Israelites and make them clean." I know that Christ purifies us from all unrighteousness, I also know that spiritual discipline on our part will cause us to "step away" from the crazy cycle that this world affords. It will cause us to live differently, make different choices, choices that reflect our sanctification, choices that honor the one who purchased our pardon.

Like it says in verse 14, "Set apart the Levites from the Other Israelites; the Levites will be mine."

I want to be one of those who are "set apart". I want to be the kind of daughter that God says, "that one... she's mine. She's set apart for my special purposes." Is that a vain desire? I think not. It would be a vain desire to want to be in control of one's own destiny and to pursue one's own happiness, no? I want to be all He desires of me.